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Adar Builders

Our Story

Our clients know us as a forward-thinking, innovative, and exceedingly skilled family construction and remodeling business. While we cherish this reputation, our building and contracting company in Los Angeles took hard work and grit to get to where we are now.

Adar Builders was originally founded by brothers Tomer and Amit. The two brothers worked in construction separately for a full decade before deciding to start the family company together. Setting up a partnership, the two began their mission of bringing beautifully crafted home construction projects to clients who prefer the finer things in life.

Armed with their own unique, stylish design ideas, and the expertise to execute any construction project down to the last detail, Adar Builders was born. The family-owned and operated firm quickly gained traction as a building contractor of elegance and finesse.

To this day, Adar Builders has a 100% client satisfaction rating. We aim to keep up the good work, grow our firm, and retain the distinctive attention to detail that has made us so successful thus far. Our family of builders and home remodeling experts is the perfect choice for your family’s remodeling and building needs.

A FAMILY OF Home RemodelING PROS in Los Angeles

Home Remodeling Team

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Tomer Adar


"The construction industry has always been intriguing to me. I believe that a home should feel like home, and having the right design helps achieve that. It is beautiful what we can do in today’s construction to really bring out people’s styles and showcase their personalities throughout their home.”

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Amit Adar


“I first got into the construction industry thinking not much can be done to renew it. I saw it as copy and paste from one home to the next. But luckily I quickly learned that the design options are endless and how even a single bathroom remodeling can make such a huge difference in a home. I stayed because it simply brings me joy to help people build a home they will forever love.”

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Yoav Adar

Project Manager

We put in the same amount of attention to details for all our home remodeling projects, no matter how big or small. My role entails planning, executing, and managing the remodeling project form design to completion to ensure that we deliver on time and within budget.


5-Star Client Reviews

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